Top 5 Business Mobile Apps to Access on the Go

Top 5 Business Mobile Apps to Access on the Go

The world of Apps has taken over. You can’t go a day without someone telling you to download the latest App to make your life that little bit easier. Every aspect of life is covered. From Social to fitness, leisure to marketing, Apps have all the bases covered.

When it comes to Business and SEO Glasgow Marketing there are millions out there as well. All with the purpose of making your work life more productive and efficient. We’ve saved you the hassle of scrolling through them all to find the best ones on the market. A definitive list of the Top 5 Apps for anyone aiming to conquer the business world. Have a look through your smartphone and see which ones are missing and get your business life on the right track.

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Keeping track of your expenses has never been easier. Xpenditure is the ultimate organiser when it comes to keeping on top of your finances. A great tool when it comes to managing receipts, this little App is used by over 100,000 business professionals in the UK. Xpenditure scans your receipts and stores relevant information such as VAT, amount and other useful details. All this information is organised and can be managed to make sure your financial tracking is on point.


When it comes to emailing marketing, MailChimp is where it’s at. The App allows you to track subscriber and campaign activity no matter where you are. Spot trends in your audience growth, engagement and ecommerce activity. It allows you to work on email marketing campaigns and track the success of your performance. You can collaborate and share accounts with colleagues which is beneficial to the whole team. 14 million people can’t be wrong, why not have a look at how your email marketing needs could be satisfied today.

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Billed as ‘Banking of the Future’, Monzo an App that continues to gain massive popularity. An easy way to make payments, the App allows you to bank smarter. Monzo makes use of a pre-paid bank card which allows you to top up at a moment’s notice. It does away with the bricks and mortar branches, cheque books and other traditional banking requirements. Users of the App have spent over £20 million since its launch and could be the future of smart banking. Give it a try and get smart when it comes to banking.


The App that’s acts as your portable scanner for all your business document needs. From schedules to contracts, iScanner manages all your written documents and turns them digital. With over 10 million users, iScanner allows you to scan PDF and JPEG files as well as images which can be shared amongst colleagues. Google Drive, DropBox and Evernote are a few of platforms that documents can be uploaded and shared too. Using image recognition technology, this handy App can be used to keep on top of all your business documents in order and online.

Trainline UK

Commuting to and from work is an important aspect of business that everyone needs to get right. Being punctual to meetings, conferences and anything work related is of vital importance. The Trainline UK App allows you to keep track of train times to make sure you are always on time. The App provides latest updates, times and deals related to rail travel to anywhere in the UK. Planning your journey has never been easier, why not buy your tickets in advance online to save the hassle of queuing at the train station. Never worry about delayed trains again and download the number 1 Train App in the country.

The Top 5 Business Apps to keep you on the right track are well worth the download to keep yourself on top of everything Business. Let them enhance your work life and get you organised in the process. Why not have a look for yourself and find out how they could benefit you today.