Dependence of Railway Transport in Rural Communities

When we think of Railway we often think of busy train stations in big towns filed with city slickers. The necessity of rail travel is as important as ever as the public relies on the system heavily in their everyday life. Whether it’s commuting to and from work or travelling cross country, rail is a way of life to many. The reliance on rail doesn’t necessarily spread out to everyone, however, as more and more rural communities are beginning to find out. Those located in smaller towns and cottages have been forced to adapt over the years. Finding transportation to the nearest train station 30 minutes away can be inconvenient, to say the least. Having to change line two or three times to reach a big city station, comes at a cost. Closure, unprofitability, dereliction, logistics. These are a few but not all of the reasons as to why rural communities have felt the effect of declining rail options close to home.


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